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Here's The Thing.

late july, 2000 - on basically a whim, i got on a plane to new york city. i brought a bunch of sassy clothes and envelopes stuffed with resumes, cover letters and CDs with a bunch of my photography and digital work.

i went from place to place hoping to find an internship for the following summer. at most stops i had to simply leave my stuff with someone at front doors or lobbies. on a thursday i went to the building where one of my favorite magazines is published. at INTERVIEW i was actually allowed to meet face to face with ACTUAL involved parties.

for some weird reason (a friend of the family suggests that 85% of getting places in life is simply having the "brass" to show up) they offered me an intern position for the fall.

so here i am, a bright-eyed kid from west texas, in new york city. this is my story.

(mostly) work journal: what i do at work. and other things.
new york pics: photography. traditional and digital.
map: where i stay, where i work.
leftovers: extra stuff. some pics here too.
orange soda - the website: my main homepage.
business: inching toward a professional future.

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