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here's a bunch of pics of new york that i've taken. some were taken with a traditional camera on the streets etc. and some were taken from the window of my jersey city apartment. ah... my view. manhattan is so peaceful from across the hudson.

the gallery

the view: the hudson, docks, manhattan... all from my window.
pictoral observation: photos with thoughts from personal journal entrees.
city scapes: shots of los edificos muchos.
the new york aquarium: just a few shots. belugas and hassidics.
coney island: one of my favorite places.
central park: one of the main things that comes to mind when most people think of new york.
new yorkers: sometimes i get sneaky and take a snap of someone interesting.
assorted little cam shots: randomly collected pics taken by my webcam.
new york nights: an abstract series taken on a little stroll around the city.

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